Crystal Crafting

Creativity with Crystals

Do you have a crystal collection at home that you're not sure what to do with?

I hear so many people say how they love and adore crystals but aren't sure how to begin working with them!

I began curating these unique workshops as an introduction to mindfulness, creativity and connecting with crystals. 

Each workshop is a beautifully immersive experience, beginning with a guided meditation to connect with your crystal, followed by creative guidance and macrame techniques to create your own unique crystal jewellery.

Mindful crafting is a wonderful way to relax whilst stil creating and engaging in something practical. Allow your mind to relax and unwind in the world of crystals, learn about how to cleanse, activate and work with your talisman to support manifestation, healing and positive energy!

No prior craft or crystal experience required to attend. If you can tie a knot you can join! 

In person workshops include all materials (for online workshops I can still provide materials if needed)


Mindfully connect with crystals


Share the experience


Step by step tuition


Create your own unique talisman

A unique gift for a birthday, celebration or special occasion.

Gather an online group of 4 or more friends and as the organiser you attend the workshop for free! 

Contact me to book a private workshop or check out upcoming events below.