Intuitive One to One Crystal Tarot Reading

Intuitive One to One Crystal Tarot Reading


Intuitive Crystal Tarot Reading


5 card reading from a variety of traditional tarot and oracle cards. I have been working with tarot, energy healing, crystals and divination for over 5 years. As a child I have always had  a very strong connection to nature, spirit and often received visions, vivid dreams and a deep knowing about many things that I didnt understand until I started to fine tune my psychic abilities and intuition.


This card reading will take place in a sacred ritual space, I will contact you to tune into your intention or question and I will draw cards and interpret them with love and openness. The messages may resonate or they may not, it would be recommended to make note of what you receive during the reading incase it resonates for your future or something you may like to refer back to.


Tarot and divination has helped me receive a lot of clarity and deeper understanding especially during times of transition and life changes. I will also suggest crystals that may support you to align with the messages I receive for you.


Purchase here and I will contact you to schedule a time to do the reading.


Much love, Nicole x