7 Chakra Crystal Kit

7 Chakra Crystal Kit


A crystal for each chakra; 

Crown chakra - Amethyst 
Third eye chakra - Blue tigers eye
Throat chakra - Blue Chalcedony
Heart chakra - Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus - Yellow Aventurine
Sacral chakra - Carnerlian 
Root chakra - Black tourmaline


Each crystal has been ethically sourced and is completely natural, authentic and untreated. 

The crystals are simply tumbled giving them a smooth finish.

Each crystal kit will vary is size, shape and colour.


This product comes packaged in a chakra kit gift box.


Perfect for beginners to start working with and connecting to each chakra with the resonating crystals. Crystals help us attune our energy centres with their vibrations for clearing, cleansing and relaxation. 

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