Crystal Meditations

Join me online for guided crystal journeys every fortnight on Wednesday evenings at 8pm GMT.

These intuitive crystal journeys are facilitated by me but led by the crystals. Each week I connect with different crystals that I feel have something to share with us.

This is a fully guided meditation, even if you are  completely new to crystals and meditation, you can join and explore if its right for you.

Equally if you are a seasoned crystal keeper and would like to deepen your practice to connecting with crystals this is for you.

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Click here to join the zoom meeting.

Wherever you are in your journey, crystals have something to share with all of us.

Bring a crystal that is calling you on the day and drop into a sacred, relaxing space for 30 minutes to receive crystalline codes and healing wisdom.

Love & blessings, Nicole x


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