Handmade Activated Crystal Jewellery

Amethyst from Cornwall, hand wrapped with copper unalome

Lemurian Quartz ceremony wand, hand made with copper wire, local willow and living moss

Amethyst macrame hand wrapped necklace with quartz beads

Seashell, Quartz & Amethyst hand made willow wands with copper 

Labradorite hand wrapped copper swirl necklace 

Natural Citrine macrame necklace with copper swirl

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Worldwide Shipping

Cleansed, Charged & Giftwrapped  

Lovingly made in England 

"I can't​ express how beautiful and individual each necklace is from this amazing lady. She goes out of her way to make sure each step is special just for you. From picking the crystal to the way it is strung and wrapped. Thank you so much!" ~  Jo White