Crystal Energy Healing

Any form of holistic 'healing' means to re-align to our natural state of balance, to come back to our whole and healthy state. Crystal energy healing is a holistic practice that helps the individual discover the energetic root of dis-ease, crystals can help get to know the true self and create deep states of relaxation and balance.

The session consists of working with crystal energy alongside guides, reiki, light beings, spirit animals and angels.


Crystal energy healing can be done in person or remotely, click to find out more and book a session.

The process incorporates the placement of specific crystals on and around the body in particular grids to match your unique energetic needs.

Crystals hold ancient wisdom, unique energetic structures and healing power; during a session with crystals you may experience uplifting sensations, clearings and even channelled messages.

Light Language

Light Language is the language of the universe. Everything in our world is made up of geometry, shapes and colours. Our bodies and energy field (our aura) are vibrating at different frequencies which are constantly changing. We usually have a default vibration which can be our inherited beliefs, patterns and practiced thoughts. Light Language is a high frequency teaching passed down from the Mayans to accelerate your alignment to your souls mission. The energy you would like to experience and evolve in your life can be written in your energy field with a Light Language grid. 

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss the most suitable grid for your specific energetic needs.

7 shape chakra grids (Stay active in your energy field for 1 month)

 49 shape grids (Stay active in your energy field for 3-6 months)

"On the physical plane we are currently limited in communicating with anyone in the world only by the speed of the equipment. On the mental, emotional and spiritual planes, major steps still need to be taken. In Light Language, we take the next major step. We read and write light, and communicate with light on all levels. Light Language combines physics, sacred geometry, and light. " Starr Fuentes

49 shape community grid for England 

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