Crystal Energy & Care Guidance

"Crystals are electromagnetic oscillators. To put it simply, an oscillator is something that releases regular pulses of energy, or something that moves back and forth in response to energy. So, crystals regularly vibrate or pulse with energy they receive from an external source. That source is most frequently the Earth. A crystal will naturally vibrate with its particular frequency set that is contained within the rainbow of energy that is the Earth’s light body (its electromagnetic field).

We are taught that crystals are like sponges– absorbing energy until they are filled, then releasing energy until they run out; hence, the concept of needing to “charge” them. But, crystals are not sponges. Sponges are not oscillators. Crystals have a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy to draw upon, as long as they are vibrating at their natural frequency" Source: Crystal FAQs

Crystals are alive and vibrating, it is important to build a relationship/connection with your crystal and ensure it is cleansed and functioning optimally. When energies get stuck to the crystal (this can be anything from strong emotional release, EMF radiation from a computer etc) it can become 'out of tune' much like a radio frequency when it looses a signal. There are so many energetic frequencies all around us ,it is vital to ensure your crystals are cleansed often when you feel they may need refreshing.

There are lots of ways to cleanse crystals, my favourite way is to sing or chant 'Om' whilst holding the crystal or having it in front of me. Sound is a free and reliable way to cleanse any stuck energy. You can read further informaton about different ways to cleanse crystals here;

Crystal Cleansing Information

Also here is the Earths frequency which can be very healing and cleansing to listen to during meditation and cleansing crystals;

Earth Frequency Youtube Video

You may find the following exercise helpful to cultivate a deeper understanding of the energy  of the crystal you are working with and to spend some time with your crystal in quiet contemplation.

Spend some time in quiet contemplation and be open to receive any wisdom, guidance or feelings your crystal would like to share with you. Take some deep breaths and listen to some gentle music to help relax your mind. Sit or lay in a comfortable position, become aware of your physical body and any physical or emotional sensations you are experiencing before picking up your crystal. You may want to make a note of how you are feeling and then when you feel ready pick up your crystal and hold it close to you, wherever it feels right, it could be just in your hand, in your lap or close to your heart or a particular chakra on your body. Spend as much time as you can connecting with your crystal and journal and insights, feelings or thoughts that come to you during or after your contemplation. Give thanks for the energy your crystal has shared with you today.

Crystals work with subtle energies so you may not feel any profound effects right away but trust that whatever is needed for your highest good and alignment is happening.