Crystal Wands

Crystal Wands have been used for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years and now you can have your very own divine tool for magickal manifestation and healing work.


Each Crystal Wand is handcrafted with locally sourced materials.

The crystal points are fused with the wand and wrapped in copper wire to charge the energy flow.

You can use your wand the same way you would cleanse your aura with palo santo or sage! Crystal wands are a more sustainable way to cleanse yourself, a room, space or even other crystals.

Think of a Crystal Wand as an energetic paintbrush ~ the creative possibilities are endless!

These wonderful wands are full of colour, naturally alive and vibrating with different energies depending on the crystal you choose! Quartz is uplifting and energising, Amethyst is calming and creative, natural shells carry the soothing flow of the ocean. These can be custom made to order with your favourite crystal! 

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