You will naturally be drawn to a crystal that matches your unique energetic vibration, even through looking at a photo of a crystal you can still feel the energy, just like looking at a photo of a tropical beach can have a relaxing effect! 

Trust your intuition when choosing a crystal as our inner guidance always knows whats best! 

 Contact Nicole for intuitive crystal recommendations or any guidance to choosing the perfect crystal for your needs.

I work with crystals during healing sessions. and create unique crystal talismans charged with specific intentions. I have trained in reiki, crystal healing  and sacred geometric light language. I have been passionate about energy and healing from a very young age. 

The different properties of some crystals and what you may experience through working with them;

Amethyst (Third eye chakra) Soothing crystal, it helps calm the mind & emotions. Helps clear negative energies, heal the spirit, relieve stress, anxiety & dissolve negativity. Amethyst stimulates the third eye, creative expression & boosts motivation!


Black Tourmaline (Root chakra) Powerful grounding crystal which can be used to protect against negative energies and transform negative/heavy energy held within you. It helps overcome fears and bring greater confidence! Black tourmaline helps strengthen the immune system!


Chrysocolla (Throat chakra) Communication crystal devoted to empowerment & teaching us from our life experiences. Assists in healing emotional wounds & expression. Removes negative energies, brings calm & allows inner wisdom to surface. Connects you to divine feminine energy!


Fluorite (Chakra varies by colour) Crystal for stability & clarit! It can disperse electromagnetic waves!  Powerful cleansing and purifying crystal. Fluorite brings balance, clarity and spiritual connection. Can also help with connecting to angels and past lives during meditation!

Kyanite (Chakra varies by colour - Blue - Throat chakra) Tranquillity crystal which balances and aligns the yin & yang energies within us. Enhances communication skills, supports healing of throat blockages & illness. Opens and balances kundalini energies! Kyanite is a self cleansing crystal!

Labradorite (Throat chakra) Magical crystal for transformation! Gives strength in times of change. Promotes self-discovery & enhanced spiritual connection. Protects against negativity. Labradorite raises spiritual awareness & promotes intuition!

Opalite* (Third eye chakra) Empowering emotional healing crystal which improves spiritual connection. Opalite removes energy blocks, assists in periods of transition, gives strength & can promote success in business! Balances mood and promotes joy! *Synthetic

Quartz (Crown chakra) Master healing crystal which amplifies & stores energies. Helps promote positive thoughts, provides support emotionally, spiritually, creatively & professionally! Strengthens your aura! Helpful during meditation giving focus and motivation!

Rose Quartz (Heart chakra) Crystal of love & feminine beauty. It promotes peace, compassion & calmness. Rose quartz helps heal emotional wounds & fears. It allows the heart to fully give & receive love. Strengthens relationships, sensuality & empathy!

Shungite (Elite Noble – Root Chakra) Detoxifying crystal which helps purify the body! Can help restore health and protects against electromagnetic radiation. Eliminates negative energy & disease from the body. Promotes emotional balance and enhances spiritual connection!

Smoky Quartz (Root chakra) Grounding crystal which helps with relaxation, reconnecting to the earth and balancing emotions! Powerful cleanser and detoxifier! Absorbs electromagnetic radiation! Soothes pain and assists healing in the body! Grounds the mind and uplifts our hearts!