Bespoke Crystal Talismans

Bespoke crystal talismans are attuned to your unique vibrational needs. You can contact me if you have a cystal already calling you or I can tune in to your energy field and choose a crystal that resonates and can support you at this time.

Crystals work on the subtle energy body and therefore we do not need to choose crystals with what our minds think or analyse, we choose a crystal with our energy, with the silent whispers that speak to our hearts and souls. Whether you would like to work on your confidence, emotional balance, healing some past pain or creating deeper spiritual awareness. Whatever is for your highest good, crystals can support your growth through their crystalline teachings.

Use the form below to let me know your requirements for a talisman, you might already know exactly what crystal and design you want or you may prefer for me to connect with a crystal that I feel is calling you and channel a unique creation. 

Each crystal is ethically and responsibly sourced, the entire creative process is ceremonial, you will feel the love and intentions weaved into your jewellery as soon as it arrives! 

Let's connect you with the magick

Thank you for your contacting Love Luna Life! I will get back to you soon!