Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation - Nikola Tesla

Thank you for visiting Love Luna Life and welcome to the world of crystals. My name is Nicole and one of my biggest passions is crystals. They have been incredible guides and support for me through some of my most challenging times and I truly believe they are here to empower, teach and guide us to heal ourselves.


My journey with crystals stemmed from being a curious child delighted at the sparkly magick these stones held. Over the last 5 years I have dedicated my time to pouring my heart and  soul into Love Luna Life, crafting bespoke crystal talismans, training in reiki, light language, crystal healing and immersing myself in self development.

I have been offering unique healing sessions which combine all of these skills and connecting people with crystals in my creative crafting workshops.

Thank you for your curiosity and courage to connect with the unfamiliar. It is a pleasure to be a channel and guide for you to discover the possibilities that await you. Whether you are completely new to crystals and the concept of 'healing' or if you already have experience with crystals, I hope you find something delightful here.


Crystals are the oldest living beings on earth today, they contain profound energetic potential which are true gifts from the earth. Gaia (mother earth) shares these unique stones with us which hold different vibrations we can work with for balance, healing and alignment.

Crystals enable us to connect deeper with the root cause(s) of any emotional, spiritual or physical dis-ease. Here you will find hand selected ethically sourced crystals from all over the world and indigenous crystals from England! 

Taking Care of your Crystals

 Bespoke Crystal Talismans & Wands

 Crystal Craft Workshops 

 Crystal Energy Healing & Light Language


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