Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation ~ Nikola Tesla

Thank you for connecting with us.

Crystals are the oldest living beings on earth today, they are the most stable geometric structures on earth and are true gifts from the earth.

Crystals enable us to connect deeper with the root cause(s) of any emotional, spiritual or physical dis-ease. Here you will find hand selected, ethically and responsibly sourced crystals from all over the world and indigenous crystals from England! 

Love Notes from our customers

I can't​ express how beautiful and individual each necklace is from this amazing lady. She goes out of her way to make sure each step is special just for you. From picking the crystal to the way it is strung and wrapped.

I had a crystal healing and it was wonderfully powerful and healing. I felt rejuvenated and grounded. Nicole held the space beautifully and with humbleness.

Nicole, thank you so much for the amazing crystal  meditation. I have had experiences with crystals before, but the one with you was truly special, unlike any one I have ever had. 

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