Welcome to the world of crystals

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Crystals are the oldest living beings on earth today, they are the most stable geometric structures we have on earth and are true gifts!

Crystals enable us to connect deeper with the root cause(s) of any emotional, spiritual or physical dis-ease. 

Here you will find hand selected, ethically and responsibly sourced crystals from all over the world and indigenous crystals from England! 

My Journey with Crystals

My name is Nicole and for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by crystals.

I have learned so much about them through my own healing journey and attuned myself to hear their whispers.

Crystals have been incredible guides and support for me through some of my most challenging times. I truly believe they are here to empower, teach and guide us to remember that which we sometimes forget, our true essence.

I have trained in reiki, light language, crystal healing and connected deeply in many ways with the spirit of crystals.

I have a strong link to Lemuria and believe I may have lived a past life there. I have channelled meditations, healing techniques and visions of times where I have been working with crystals in wonderful ways! 

I now craft high quality bespoke crystal talismans and am proud to source the best quality ethical crystals you can find.  I share crystals with people all over the world through creative workshops and guided meditations.

It is a pleasure to be a crystal keeper and guide for you here.  Whether you are completely new to crystals and the concept of 'healing' or if you already have experience with crystals, I hope you find something delightful here.


My book Crystal Craft is out Now! As seen on Jewellery Maker TV


Love notes from customers

"I can't​ express how beautiful and individual each necklace is from this amazing lady. She goes out of her way to make sure each step is special just for you. From picking the crystal to the way it is strung and wrapped." Jo

"I had a crystal healing and it was wonderfully powerful and healing. I felt rejuvenated and grounded. Nicole held the space beautifully and with humbleness." Dilraj

"The guided crystal meditation was out of this world, quite literally. As a person that meditates regularly and works with and uses crystals all the time and has done for years I didn’t expect this to be anything different, although I was open minded. I can honestly say though that Nicole has something special, different and magical about her." Rachel